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Green Drink and other new favorites! YUM!


You have GOT to try this. One of the only green drinks that has not made my stomach unhappy. It has all kinds of good stuff in it!

Amazing Grass Chocolate SuperFood Drink

I have been having a scoop as my post-run chocolate milk every day. It is a little pricy though.  I found it at Sprouts for $25 for 30 servings. However, I love that is has so many good things in it to make sure I am getting good nutrition in. So totally worth it for me.

Another awesome find for me has been these Perfect Foods bars. They come in Carob Chip, Peanut Butter, Fruit and Nut, and Light Cranberry. I love, love, love the consistency and they are SO yummy. They are all natural, made with organic ingredients, gluten free, and full of protein and omega 3’s. They are about 300 calories each and have good fats in them. I have one for breakfast when I am in a hurry to get to school after a run! They really fill me up. I also find these at Sprouts in the refrigerated section and snatch them up when they are on sale 4 for $5.  Thanks to my DailyMile friend Michael for turning me on to these!


I have been having some awesome runs lately. I am feeling good and my weight is hovering between 113 and 115. I am getting all of my strength workouts in using Core Performance Endurance.  Coach John recommended this book to me after spending WAY to much time lifting weights in the gym and becoming fatigued. This plan has been amazing for me. It is short, doable, and has really helped to strengthen my core without doing the same old boring crunches, planks, etc.


The plan consists of 3 different workouts- strength, power, and regeneration. They are all geared toward runners, which I love! This way I know I am working the right muscles. There are also movements that you complete before you begin running. Did you know that you actually should NOT stretch before running? Static stretching muscles before running actually makes them less ready to do the work you want them to do. I never knew that before I read this book!

I had a great 22 miler at South Mountain  yesterday with Tanaya. It is still a bajillion degrees here. The mornings have been back to hot this last week. So that was a bummer. We have a cool front of 99 this week though!

In other news, my goal for the Chicago Marathon is a 2:45. That is a 6:18 pace per mile. I need a 2:46 to qualify for the Olympic Trials. I am super excited and can’t believe it is almost here. 5 more weeks!!!

Runningly Yours,

I did it!!!

It was a dark and stormy morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. I ran 2 miles in sane-person running shorts with Tank. Came home to drop him off and Matt offered to ride his bike with me for my last 8 miles. The lightbulb went on in my head….. I CAN TRY OUT MY BUNHUGGERS!!! It was getting ready to storm so I knew there wouldn’t be too many pedestrians out. It was 5am on a Saturday, so not too many cars either. I also didn’t think anyone would catcall me if the hubs was with me. The bunhuggers and I were in business.

Let me tell you, it was like wearing racing flats. I just felt faster and streamlined. I know it is in my head, but hey, whatever works. My inner Deena came out during my 7x100m strides, and I only got a *few* surprised looks from the poor elderly men on bicycles. Oh yeah, I also ran by a group of about 20 from our local running store. awesome.

But, I was wedgie free and they were super comfortable. They are on for AFC!!!

Runningly Yours,

Happy Happy New Shoes!! (And new shorts too!)

With both my beloved Brooks Infiniti 2’s and my Brooks Launch nearing 350 miles, it was time for some new shoes. However, my Infiniti’s are becoming extinct and there were none left in my size. ***GASP*** What is a runner to do?  Since I know at some point I will need to try something else, I decided to order the Brooks Ravenna’s.

I believe they are supposed to be the comparable shoe.  I received them in the mail today and it was love at first sight.

New shorts and shoes!! SO EXCITING!!! 😉

How cute are they for summer? They totally match my new shorts that I had to order so that I wouldn’t have to pay $8 for shipping. I know, makes total sense.

And they have other colors I can buy for winter. (Because THAT is what is most important, lol!)

Happy Running!

I also purchased a new pair of  Launch for my track and tempo workouts. They are so light and comfy. I just feel faster when I put them on. And who doesn’t love a lime green shoe?

For racing, I wear the ST4 which are AWESOME!!! My lucky shoes!

Seriously, if you are in any other shoe besides Brooks, you are doing yourself a dis-service. 😉  I LOVE my Brooks shoes!! (Can you tell I am a Brooks-kinda gal?)

*Side-note- this is why I still wear ‘civilian’ clothes and shoes that are 10 years old. I spend all of my $ on running clothes and shoes. So much more fun!

Runningly Yours,

Ahhh… Recovery…

Silly me. I thought I recovered well from marathons. Ran a PR at Boston, was walking fine the next day, same thing at San Diego.

Tucson kicked my little tail. I don’t know if it was the wind, the hills, or what, but I literally felt like a truck ran me over twice. Maybe even three times. I took a full week off (!!!) and ran 20 miles total the next week. I *may* have run those 20 miles a bit faster than advised by my new, wonderful, coach. Just *may* have done them at around 7:14 per mile rather than 8:00 or slower. I couldn’t help it! I swear!

So here I am three weeks later with my legs still achy when I run. The obvious thing would be to slow down, I know. But it is hard. I have a lot of energy! So, what’s a girl to do?

These are some of my favorite recovery tools, and I am hoping that they continue to work so that I am ready and speedy for my next race.

Ari’s fantastic [some weird] recovery musts:

1. Ice bath. I try to ice bath after every run longer than 12 miles. Usually it involves me simply jumping in our pool. However, on days like today, where I swear the pool water could have been frozen, or in the summer when the water is 90 degrees, I fill the bathtub with the cold water, take all of the ice out of the freezer, dump the ice in the bath, put on 3 sweatshirts, a hat, make some hot cocoa, and make a huge production out of getting in the tub. This involves screaming, whining, and other general merriment. I sit in it and call whomever I can to make the 15 minute ‘soak’ bearable. Ahh, ice baths. My lips are usually blue when I get out. So not normal.

2. COMPRESSION SOCKS!!! I love, love, love my CEP compression socks. They were a gift from my most lovely friend Shannon. Every runner should have these things. ( And a friend like Shannon!) Mine are black, but I am thinking I *need* the white ones too…oooo…or maybe hot pink! They are so fantastically tight and make my legs feel so good. I wonder if they make a compression full-body suit?

3. Magic Mountain Witch Doctor Cream. Ok, ok, I kid. It is actually Winter Crest Cream. But it has been blessed by a spiritual healer or something totally nature-y like that. (which I love! :D) This stuff is so amazing. A little pricy, so I need to save my pennies to get some more, but it is fantastic!

4. Badger Balm– My second go-to cream when I am out of wintercrest. Note: DO NOT put on legs after shaving. Wait 24 hours, at least. Holy cow, that hurt. (There is Cayenne pepper in it!)

5. Phiten necklace. I have to admit here that I purchased one because Kara Goucher wears them. If they are good enough for her, they are good enough for this girl! Turns out she purchased them because Paula Radcliffe wears them. So… not quite sure if it is working or not. Maybe I need more than one. But apparently, they are covered in titanium to aid in recovery. Who knows, like the article in the link says, athletes are superstitious!

6. Foam Roller– Very painful, but does the trick. Must. do. tonight.

7. Matt’s famous Smoothies. My husband makes me a great recovery smoothie every day. He puts in yogurt, Trader Joe’s Omega-3 carrot juice (it is cinnomon-y, so good!), rice or whey protein, flax oil, and frozen fruits. Perfection!

So, what are your secrets for recovery? Do you wear Phiten? If so, do you think it works?

Runningly Yours,

Racing Weight

What would the new year be without talk about nutrition and weight? Yay.

Losing weight and running has always been mysterious to me. The more you run, theoretically, the more calories you would burn. However, the more you run, the hungrier you get! And not just for an apple, but for CARBS!!! YUMMM!!!!! To deny yourself food while training is just silly. You need to be strong to race well. But you also need to feel light and energetic to race well. Ah the perils.

*Disclaimer* As a person who has struggled with weight in a very un-healthy way in my early 20’s, I know weight is a very sensitive, controversial thing to discuss, and I truly feel that society has a skewed outlook on it. This post is my review on what I feel is a very informative book on how to eat healthy for running. It is also about how I am putting this book to use in my training. I am no nutritionist! This is just what works for me.

Over my 2 weeks off from teaching, I was able to catch up on some reading. One book that I really enjoyed was “Racing Weight; How To Get Lean For Peak Performance” by Matt Fitzgerald (see link to the right under “Ariana’s Survival Gear”) who has also written “Brain Training For Runners”. Matt Fitzgerald decided to write this book after running on an Alter-G treadmill (anti-gravity) that made him feel as though he were 15 pounds lighter. His run took less effort with less weight. Go figure. :) This is where the idea for the book was born. How does an endurance athlete stay well-nourished but yet get to that ‘ideal’ racing weight? Matt Fitzgerald helps us to understand why and how to do it.

This book has many great ideas on how to achieve your ideal racing weight, and how to determine what that weight should be. He makes sure to point out that your racing weight is not a weight you keep throughout training, as it is usually not a healthy weight. During your off-season, you will probably be about 8-10 pounds heavier than your ideal racing weight, during training. He also maintains that endurance athletes do not want to lose weight to ‘look good’ but rather to perform the best they can. I know that I definitely do not look my best under 113.

My ‘race’ weight is anywhere between 107-110, currently I am at 114, which is my normal training weight. I would like to hit my ideal race weight for Boston in April. The thing I struggle with most is SWEETS!!! I have a strict “one drink a week” rule when I am in training, and I don’t care for cheese, burgers, or fried foods. But cupcakes, cookies, and brownies get the best of me. Yum! I went through a phase that I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted because I was training so hard. However, that just left me with low-energy. I would feel so sluggish after ‘indulging’.
The best part of this book is that Fitzgerald gives plans for over-all health while training. I found this book to be mostly about how to ‘eat clean’ and get all you need from natural foods. I love this idea. There are still plenty of carbs, fats, etc. because that is what runners need to perform! He just gets rid of the junk. Which I think is very doable. My main goal is to be as healthy as I can for racing, no matter how much I weigh. That’s it!

I took note of what I ate last week as I tried to start eating healthier as I begin training for Boston. A lot of my carbs are coming from the quinoa, brown rice, fruit, etc. rather then from refined sugar sources as before. Here is a sample day:

Breakfast: Kashi cereal w/ rice milk, banana, hard-boiled egg, coffee, vitamins (multi, iron, D/Calcium/Magnesium, emergen-c, fish oil)
Snack– recovery protein smoothie, green tea, prunes- I love prunes, lol!!!
Lunch– quinoa with beans, spinach, cherry tomatoes and avocado, almond butter toast, green tea, FRS drink, apple
Snack– Whey protein smoothie with skim milk, almonds, dried cranberries, green tea.
Dinner– Salad, chicken, sweet potato, brown rice
Snack– Fro-yo with berries.

Now if only I can keep it up!

What are some of your favorite healthy foods? What supplements, if any, do you take?

Runningly Yours,